Warts or verruca as they are known in the medical sense are caused ny a papilloma virus. These warts are most commonly transmitted in public places such as swimming pools and health facilities where numerous people go through daily.Warts usually embed themselves in the top layer of skin(epidermis). Warts by nature are contagious and can spread from person to person or from 1 family member to another.

Wart Treatments

There are several choices for treating warts:


We have added the latest technology for treating warts to our office, Laser.

Different types of acid treatments

Cryo surgery(liquid nitrogen)


Surgical excision

to name a few of many other treatment modalities.

Success varies as well as sometimes warts can spontaneously resolve. We try to use the least aggressive measures first so as to minimize discomfort and home treatment.

Please do not hesitate to call our office for an appointment to discuss your treatment alternatives.