Usually effective after just one treatment.  Most successful way of treating Nail Fungus Infection.  Most patients see improvements after just three month. A new nail grows out with no sign of infection. There are no significant adverse effects, and treatment usually takes 30-45 minutes.

What is PinPointeFootLaser Treatment?
The PinPointeFootLaser sends invisible laser energy into and through the nail and/or surrounding skin that is absorbed by the pigment in the organisms to heat and this heat damages or kills the fungal organisms. If all of the fungal organisms are killed, your toenail is expected to grow out normally. Treatment of your nails will usually takes 30 to 45 minutes. Most patients feel only warmth during treatment and the laser treatment can be paused if the procedure becomes uncomfortable.


PinPointe Laser

How does it work?

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What are the Signs and Symptoms of Nail Infection?
•    Nail Infections can cause permanent deformity of the Nail.
•    Yellow streaks, white spots, soft powdery nail fragments under the nail.
•    Discoloured and thickened nail that may separate from the skin under the nail.
•    Brittle, broken, and thickened nails.
•    Damaged, crumbly, and brown or gray nail surface.