"I had a bump on my heel that had been there for a long time and had become so painful that I was limping.
After several MLS Laser Therapy sessions, the pain disappeared.
I am very happy with this result."

Jean A.

"I experienced the pain and discomfort of Morton's Neuroma for two years before learning about the option of laser therapy for my condition. Dr. Duft explained that this treatment could provide dramatic relief from my foot pain and he was right.

Following a program of laser therapy at Dr. Duft's clinic in Abbotsford, my foot pain has been dramatically reduced. I am able once again to enjoy the pleasure of pain-free walking! "

Mark S.

May, 2015

"Dear Dr. Duft:

I would like to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care that you have all given me in the last four months.

Treating a stubborn nail fungus on my toenails for two years with a nail solution, and seeing no improvement I decided to call your office.  I was quite impressed by the fact that you took time out from your busy work schedule to come to the telephone and explain the laser procedure to me.  It sounded so easy and painless that I decided to try it, I had nothing to lose.

My first visit was quite a surprise as I experienced neither pain nor side effects except for a slight warm feeling on my nails, as the laser did its job.  I saw the results by my next visit six weeks later and from then on normal nails emerging as the ugly nails grew out.

 I can now wear pretty sandals.


About a year ago I went to see Dr. Duft for the first time. I had had foot pain for years, particularly with a heel spur. I did a couple of rounds cortisone shots but it was only temporary relief in my case.

Dr. Duft suggested a new treatment of MLS Laser Therapy.  After the first few treatments I was feeling relief! I have just finished my treatments and I am 99.9% free of any pain in my foot.

I have to say this office has great staff, very caring personable and professional.

Thank you Dr. Duft and Antonio (the Laser guy)!

"Dear Dr. Duft;

Thank you for the laser treatment.

After many years I am no longer embarrassed to show my feet. I can’t wait to wear open toed shoes without the fear of everyone looking at my feet.

I am truly amazed at the difference this one treatment had made.

Karen B."